Chartered Surveyors; Architectural and Disability Designers

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Expert Witness Services

We are often approached to provide expert reports to the High Courts on the accommodation needs for individuals who have suffered often permanent and serious disabilities, either as a consequence of road traffic accidents, industrial injuries or clinical negligence. The range of disabilities is wide, including both injuries to limbs and the spine, to sight, other senses as well as to the face, head and brain. In all cases, we take an impartial independent view, so as to best advice the Court. We will also assist instructing lawyers and clients on the suitability of properties and assist with finding suitable properties for disabled individuals.

Our professional services include:-

1) CPR 35 Complaint High Court Report on the Accommodation Needs of Disabled Individuals, forming a detailed report taking account of the facts and evidence in the Case;

2) Preparation of Joint Statements and meetings with Experts;

3) Property Suitability Assessments. After receiving instructions, we will assess properties, including preparing existing and proposed layout plans to best meet the needs of disabled individuals;

4) Property Finder Service. After receiving instructions and obtaining clear information, we will seek out and report on potential suitable properties that may meet the needs of disabled individuals;